Bless rebrand

At the beginning of Bless’ journey, ‘delivering excellence in creative solutions’ was the aim. Progressing into 2015, we began to realise our service was about so much more than ‘excellence in creative solutions’. This was felt by both our team and our clients. We aim to help our clients thrive, encourage them and give them purposeful designs. Beyond our immediate work we want to positively impact the community that we interact with on a daily basis. Our new identity shown below represents this aim. The logo consists of two overlapping communication ‘bubbles’, together forming a Venn diagramm. This imagry speaks of engaging our clients, colleagues and community, to create purposeful designs, positively contributing toward common goals.

  • Bless Logo Animation
  • Initial Logo Exploration

    Two main ideas were explored for the development of the Bless logo. Communication and collaboration. Communication was explored with speech bubbles and collaboration with Venn diagrams.

  • Final Logo

  • Crafted With Precision and Purpose

  • Flexible Application

  • Typography

  • Colours

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